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Young carers

Our Young Carer Service is currently not funded and we have regretably had to suspend our activity until funding becomes available again.

Young Carers group provides a varied programme of events and activities during school holidays. Its key aim is to provide respite from the caring responsibilities through emotional, social and fun activities in an environment with young people of similar ages in similar situations. Our Young Carers are aged between 7-13 and 13-16 and care for a parent, sibling or grandparent that might have a disability, sensory impairment or illness, or suffer with a mental health illness or drug/alcohol abuse problem. These clubs would offer Young Carers the opportunity to play, socialize and interact with other

There is a themed program of activities during most school holidays

Wednesday for junior young carers. Friday for senior young carers 10am until 4pm. There is no charge for entry. Activities and outings are free.

Group activities every week

Young carers Young carers
  • Pool
  • PS2 and Wii game
  • IT
  • Board games
  • Music + DJ decks
  • Art and craft
  • Chill out
  • Team games
  • Fun
  • Outdoor activities
  • Programmed Trips + Events
  • And more